Tobacco Cessation


Tobacco Toolkit
During the WorkWell KS workshop, participants utilize a toolkit that is designed to help them work through the pieces necessary to create a comprehensive plan to address employee tobacco use.

Tobacco Fillable Plan Development Tool
Use this tool as a template for a comprehensive worksite wellness plan that addresses employee tobacco use.

Individual Level Assessment Descriptions for Tobacco
If your worksite has participated in a tobacco workshop and you would like to gather information to help with the development of your worksite wellness plan, you may have WorkWell KS assist you in collecting data from your employees. The link provided contains a list of all of the types of individual-level data WorkWell KS supports. Your worksite is welcome to collect any data it would like to inform its efforts, but WorkWell KS has provided a list of a validated and nationally utilized data collection instruments to assess a variety of health topics and behaviors in your worksite. Feel free to read about each assessment, noting the time burden to complete the survey and what the survey will help your worksite assess. You may then complete the survey below to officially submit your data collection requests and WorkWell KS will work with you to begin administering your survey instruments and will provide you with an aggregated and de-identified report of your employees’ health behaviors and needs.

Partners in Quitting Program

KanQuit! This site offers information on tobacco cessation. The program offered provides free one-on-one coaching and a Quitline that is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week online or by phone. KanQuit helps tobacco users quit.


Sample Tobacco Policy