Building the Foundation


WWKS Foundation Toolkit
During the WorkWell KS workshop, participants utilize a toolkit that is designed to help them work through the pieces necessary to create a comprehensive plan to address Building the Foundation.

WWKS Committee Meeting Plan Template
This template can help newly developed worksite wellness committees get started developing their foundation for worksite wellness. Use this guide to structure your committee meetings and keep making progress.

Building the Foundation Plan Development Tool – Blank Template
Building the Foundation Plan Development Tool – Sample
Use this tool to guide the development of a comprehensive Foundation Plan for worksite wellness.
*Utilize worksheets from the Building the Foundation Toolkit to Complete your Wellness Plan
CLICK HERE FOR AN INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: – Dr. Elizabeth Ablah walks you through how to use this resource.

This survey provides a list of potential incentives your worksite could use as part of its worksite wellness program. All of the incentives listed in this survey have been used at other worksites in Kansas and these lists can serve as an excellent point of departure for your worksite as you work in included incentives in your foundation. Most, but not all of these items will apply to all worksites, so you are encouraged to alter and adapt these items as you see fit before distributing to employees.