The Opportunity

WorkWell KS provides local training for worksites, technical assistance and resources to employers to help with the development and implementation of comprehensive worksite wellness plans that can positively impact the health of their employees as well as their overall business. Your employees are your greatest asset and it is important to take care of them. Good health is good business!

The initiative engages and connects businesses, leaders, and organizations throughout Kansas. It is also a chance for new leaders to develop in communities and pave the way for positive change in the wellness of Kansans.

Foundation First

1 – Foundation First

Developing and maintaining a strong foundation for worksite wellness improves sustainability and widens the impact of a worksite’s efforts. WWKS offers a Foundation Workshop, during which attendees will explore the components necessary to build a strong base for future work and develop a plan for establishing a foundation at their worksite.

Workshops Next

2 – Workshops Next

There are a number of health issues that impact the well-being of a workforce and a worksite’s bottom line. WWKS offers health-priority specific workshops for employers that already have a strong foundation in place and are ready to tackle the issues impacting their business. See our events page to check out our full schedule of events.

Ongoing Support

3 – Ongoing Support

Continued support will be offered in a number of formats to allow worksites to gain access to WWKS on their own time. Webinars, online toolkits, assessments, personalized reports, e-newsletters, blog posts, email notifications, and technical assistance for worksite wellness plans will be offered.